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Why your obscure fitness class needs digital marketing

Why your obscure fitness class needs digital marketing

The ongoing pandemic has shaken up our day-to-day lives. With the UK going into full lockdown in March, many people had to make drastic changes to their routines. With little else to do, many people turned to exercise to fill their days. 

A survey in April shows that 28% of people aged between 18 and 24 were doing slightly more exercise, with 12% doing a lot more. Despite this, gyms and other sports facilities weren’t allowed to open until July 25th, so the fitness industry has had to learn to adapt. This is, however, easier said than done for some fitness classes.

With more time being spent online nowadays, the value of digital marketing cannot be understated and it is key to growing your business and getting ahead of your competitors. We’ve compiled some of the best ways to keep your fitness business thriving and in people’s minds.


Online classes

A move to online classes and exercising at home has become popular in the face of long-term shutdowns. With John Lewis reporting a 369% uplift in sales of fitness machines and a 267% increase in sales of yoga equipment by early June, for many, this seems the next logical step. Not all online fitness content is created equal, however, and online marketing can prove to customers why your class is the superior option in the face of so much choice.

If you offer a fitness class for hula-hooping, you know it has obvious benefits to both mental and physical health and is ideal to be done from home, but these details may not be as obvious to consumers. Many are sceptical about hula-hooping’s value as an exercise regime, so it’s crucial to prove the value of your class. 

A blog is a great way to promote your exercise of choice to your customers; it gives them an in-depth understanding of what you offer and why it’s worth it to them as a consumer, without feeling like they’re being pitched to. Blogs connect with your audience based on what they’re interested in, and that leads them to you as the solution to their problem. Your customers will understand your value and why you’re the right choice for them as they engage with you through content and find reasons to return to your business.


Return to the studio

Not every class is possible, or at least ideal, from home and you may need to convince your customers why they should travel to you in the increasingly online world. Pole fitness classes have seen a rise in popularity worldwide in recent years, with pole studios in Australia rising from 4 in 2004 to at least 118 in 2018, but they’re still not the first thought for a fitness class. Lockdown has only made it harder for the pole fitness industry to grow with space and investment needed to take classes from home. 

One solution that has been popular is online classes with an increased focus in floor work or flow classes that don’t require a pole or experience. Promoting classes like these is an excellent way to bridge the gap for your customers and consistent social media posts will keep customers reminded of your existence and worth. Online classes can only do so much for a sport like pole fitness, however, especially as moves get more advanced and therefore riskier. 

Blogs and social content can be used effectively to promote the community aspect of pole fitness and explain the benefits of an in-person class. With increased isolation in the pandemic, a sense of community and human connection is vital for many people. Online content can show your customers you’re a safe and trustworthy environment for them to visit in times of uncertainty. 


Bring in new audiences

With so much changing in response to the pandemic, many people have picked up new hobbies as a way to focus their mind and find positivity. In a survey, 22% of people had taken up a new hobby during lockdown, with 41% of those reporting a positive impact on their mental health. This makes it an ideal time to expand your reach and bring in new customers. Circus arts present unique mental health benefits, something many people need right now. Online content can be used to effectively demystify the circus arts industry, introducing it to a new audience who may find it intimidating. 

Regular online content will engage your audience and keep them interested in what you offer. Sharing your expertise and experience online will establish you as an authority figure in your industry and make you a trustworthy choice for those looking to try something new or get back into an old hobby. 

Social content, such as regular Instagram posts or free YouTube videos, allows your audience to preview your content before committing to a class and builds their interest and excitement during their regular social media usage. It keeps your business at the forefront of your audience’s minds and makes you an obvious and immediate choice when they’re looking for more.

Growing a business when you occupy a niche part of a larger industry can be difficult. At Coster Content, we understand being passionate about your business and want to help you share that passion with your audience. We use content marketing to connect with your audience and bring awareness to what you do. Get in contact to see how we could help you at 0161 413 8418.