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Why inconsistent branding is harming your business

Why inconsistent branding is harming your business

Branding is everything – it’s how your customers experience your business. Through it, you can give the customer all the valuable information they need to know about you, such as your values and goals, all while helping the customer identify the brand with minimal effort.

Your branding is such an important aspect of your business. Your products or services might be the best, but how is the customer supposed to know who you are when your visuals don’t match? A brand is so much more than just a logo, a colour palette, or even a font; although visual communication is important, with brand recognition increasing by up to 80% when using a signature colour

Your brand is the reputation, the face, and identity; even the office culture contributes to it. Branding is the personality we associate with the product, and any inconsistency will distract from the core message and damage trust.



If you go looking for a particular company’s page on social media, you’d expect to see the colours and the fonts of the brand – that is their brand, after all. If a customer can’t tell it’s your brand by looking at it, they’ll simply assume it isn’t your company’s page. 

Style elements should portray a singular, focused personality and vision across all channels. How are they to trust a brand that doesn’t fully understand what they want to be? It’s why you see some brands use a particular schedule or format when planning their social media content. For example, Instagram’s three columns allow you to plan three distinct themes that line up beautifully. You can use that predictability to create a sense of consistency.

But, as we said, it’s more than just your looks. For over 100 years, Coca-Cola has been a leading brand, even becoming highly associated with Christmas. Isn’t it impressive that a cold, fizzy drink is so closely tied with the coldest time of the year? They have used their branding over the years to establish themselves as a family drink, something you can trust, earning plenty of loyalty.


Competing against other brands

The ‘rule of 7‘ suggests customers need to see your marketing message around seven times before they take action. If your branding is inconsistent, how many times will they need to see your message to take action? If it looks like a different brand each time they see your message, there’s a good chance they might not take any action at all.

With so much competition, you can’t afford to miss out on the few opportunities you have. Especially if their branding is on point. You risk losing out on new sales – and risk losing out on those new sales becomes loyal customers. If you have consistent branding across all potential touchpoints – including your social pages, website, newsletter, and even down to your personal LinkedIn page – then you increase the chances of breaking through that ‘rule of 7’.

Apple or Android, PlayStation or Xbox, Coca-Cola or Pepsi, no matter what it is, people love being loyal to brands. You want yours to have an undeniable identity that resonates with a customer. Who knows, it might even become part of their identity too, like those who swear by their iPhone. But the customer will never get to this point if they don’t develop that initial familiarity which comes from strong, consistent branding. So is it time to look at the impact yours is having?

At Coster Content, we know that strong, unique content is just one important factor you’ll use alongside strong, consistent branding to make your business be its best. With a team of dedicated writers, we’re here to take the stress of content writing off your hands. For more information, get in touch on 0161 413 8418.