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Who is the main character of your content?

Who is the main character of your content?

Every great story has a main character. The one person you can’t help but root for and around whom the world always seems to revolve.

Your business’s written content is no different. 

But, more often than not, we see businesses making themselves the main character of their story. It’s an easy enough mistake to make. After all, the whole reason you’re producing this content in the first place is to sell yourself, right?

Wrong. Talking about yourself too much threatens to overshadow the genuine value you have to add to your reader. All the insight and industry expertise you have to share. Would you want to read 1,000 words of a business effectively patting themselves on the back?

You never want to be a selfish marketer. You have to give to get when it comes to your content marketing. So today, we’re looking at who should be the main character of your business’s content.


This isn’t your world

When it comes to written content – be that your website, blogs, social channels, or anything else – remember one lesson: this is your audience’s world and you’re simply just living in it.

The best written content keeps your audience at its centre. It relentlessly, unapologetically zooms in on your reader’s problems and desires. It’s committed to adding value to your audience, without insisting on or expecting anything in return.

Consumers want brands and businesses that are genuine and honest. It’s why over 90% say transparency in a brand is important to their purchase decisions. Your reader needs to feel as if you genuinely care about them. That fixing their problem or changing their life for the better is your sole priority. Not that you’re self-indulgent, only able to speak about yourself, and simply writing this blog just to secure a sale.

For the sake of the success of your content, try to take yourself out of the equation as much as possible. 


The power of storytelling

There’s no understating the value of storytelling in your content. It helps you tap into the audience’s emotion – a powerful driving force. By encouraging your reader to confront all that’s wrong with their current situation, they’ll begin to imagine the person they could be after using your product or service, making it that much harder to say no.

Throughout your written content, you want to paint a very specific picture that’s relatable and relevant to your reader. You want to really hammer home the inconvenience they’re currently experiencing or the wasted time their business might be struggling to fix. It’s from this place of anger, frustration, or FOMO that your solutions will sound even sweeter.


Focus on benefits

The features of your product or service are all that’s great about you. But they don’t directly impact your audience. Why should they care?

Instead, you want to talk about all the benefits you provide to your readers’ lives. All the ways you could solve the relatable, common pain points you addressed in your storytelling.

Now, this requires you to really get to know your audience first. What are their habits? What are their pain points? What does your audience care about most? From here, you can reverse engineer all of your features into customer-driven benefits. 

Make sure everything you’re talking about answers the readers’ question of “what’s in it for me?” For example, software with live reporting becomes a way to make more informed decisions and maximise revenue. A self-cleaning stove top becomes a way to save time on housework and spend more time with your family. 

In short: everything you write should put your reader at centre stage. So the next time you’re sitting down to write a blog post, Instagram caption, or email, ask yourself the following two questions to shape your writing: What’s the challenge my reader is facing? And: How does my business solve this challenge? What’s our resolution?

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