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3 tips to help you master your LinkedIn profile

3 tips to help you master your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool – if you know how to master it. It’s more than “Facebook for business people”; it’s a path to greater networking, higher levels of engagement, and more genuine connections. That is, if you follow by LinkedIn’s rules.

Of its 630 million users, only 0.5% are using LinkedIn to its full potential. You can use it as a proving ground for your helpful, quality content. You don’t have to be some “influencer” with millions of followers – you can deliver real value no matter the size of your network.

We’ve put together a simple list of changes you can make to bring the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Following these tips will help you create a more substantial LinkedIn profile and let your presence be known.


Tip #1: Clean out your network

When you first create your LinkedIn account, it can be all too tempting to add everyone you come across. After all, the more connections the better, right? Not quite…

You could have 10,000 connections, but if those people aren’t engaging with your content or aren’t bringing anything to the table, why are they there? If only 1,000 people read your post then you only have an engagement rate of 10%. But if you have just 2,000 quality connections, that’s now 50%.

Before you start working on your content, work on your connection list. Spend some time every day cleaning out people who don’t benefit you. It might sound cold, but this is business – no one will take it personally. Once you’ve done that, you can start using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to find worthwhile connections that appeal to your interests.


Tips #2: Plan your posts

LinkedIn isn’t about posting whatever thought comes to your head or what you ate the night before. People want to see quality, business-related content that adds value to their feed.

You know your industry like the back of your hand. You know what is a hot button issue. So think about how you can take that knowledge and create thought-provoking bites that prove you are a thought leader in your field. Think about the pain points your clients regularly face; how can you solve them?

The best way to go about this is to plan your content. Take some time to come up with ideas and write your thoughtful posts. It saves you time later on when you only need to spend a couple of minutes uploading your post. We would also recommend you stick to a regular schedule. Every day, every other day, or once a week, what matters is you stay consistent with your uploading. And if anyone comments on your post, engage with them. Ask them to expand on their thoughts and create a conversation.


Tips #3: Private messaging

As you know, you can send direct messages to people through LinkedIn. This is where you will do most of your lead generation, but not in the way you might think. Ignore your urge to go for the hard sell; what you want to do is engage in conversation and turn these connections into warm leads.

Talk to them about their business and role. Ask about their daily operations and their future goals. It isn’t about you – it’s about them. Let them do the talking. 

You have to ease in the topic of working with one another. Trying to sell yourself too soon will be an immediate turn-off. Be respectful and work your way towards naturally suggesting you could work together. Check your inbox daily to see if you’ve had any responses and always be courteous in your replies.

If you follow these tips, you put yourself in a much better position than 99% of LinkedIn users. Adopting some healthy LinkedIn habits puts you on the path to mastering the platform. Make no mistake, this is a long-term commitment, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

At Coster Content, we’re something of LinkedIn experts ourselves. Our LinkedIn service includes writing your engaging content, posting it on your profile, and managing your connections. It’s a convenient and easy way to reap the benefits without committing all your time. If you would like to find out more, get in touch on 0161 413 8418.