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Quiz: It’s time to put your blog knowledge to the test!

Quiz: It’s time to put your blog knowledge to the test!

Did you know the first blog was published in 1994? And that the word “blog” is a shorter version of “weblog” – as in “web log”? If you know your stuff, then do we have a quiz for you. And if you don’t know, then join in anyway; there’s plenty to learn.

Benjamin Franklin said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” So what better way to get involved than a quiz? Grab your pen and paper (or ready your fingertips) and pick your choices. Then check the answers at the bottom to see how well you did. Let’s dive in.


Question 1: The average blog post has how many words?

  1. 392
  2. 776
  3. 1,236


Question 2: What percentage of content marketers use blogs in their content marketing strategy?

  1. 52%
  2. 86%
  3. 91%


Question 3: What’s the estimated percentage of internet users that read blogs?

  1. 50-60%
  2. 60-70%
  3. 70-80%


Question 4: 58% of marketers said which was the most important type of content?

  1. Video
  2. Original written content
  3. Pictures



Question 1: The answer might surprise you. It’s 1,236, which is 53% more words than the average blog post six years ago. 

Despite what you might have heard, people still love long-form content. If anything, the popularity of longer content seems to be growing. But there is no “right” length for a blog; it depends on the topic and the needs of your business. The same goes for the frequency of posts. If you think your audience will respond to a blog every other day, go for it. It all depends on the time and resources you have available.

Question 2: A huge 86% of content marketers use blogs in their content marketing strategy. 

Blogs allow you to demonstrate your expertise in your field and provide your audience with valuable information. A good blog will keep your audience coming back for more and provide them with value. The perfect “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” situation. 

Blogging also helps with the ranking of your website on the search engine results page (SERP). Basically, when people search for something related to your business, your website will be more likely to show up. This is important because, well, how often do you go to the second page on Google? If you’re like most people, probably never.

Question 3: There are roughly 4.54 billion people using the internet and an estimated 70-80% read blogs. If, for argument’s sake, we call it 75%, that means the number of people that read blogs works out to be around 3.4 billion. Not too bad. If most internet users read blogs, why not write blogs yourself? After all, businesses that blog get more website visits and leads.

Question 4: While video and visuals have an important role, original written content came out on top

That’s because written content can be much more powerful. It asserts you as the expert, entertains and informs your audience and, of course, the SEO advantages are impossible to ignore. Written content can take your business to the next level.


How did you do?

So, how many did you get right? It just goes to show you can’t underestimate the power of blogs. They’re the jewel of content marketing’s crown, and rightfully so. Almost every business can benefit from keeping a regular blog whether your industry is wellness, technology, food, fashion, or even charity. Blogs are universal, and if you can use them, you should.

We’ll leave you with one final statistic. 73% of organisations have someone in place to oversee their content strategy. And that’s the key. Blogs don’t mean anything if you don’t have a strategy in place to make them as effective as possible. Want to be part of this statistic? You’re in the right place.

Coster Content can work with you to create a content strategy and blogs that bring your business to life. We can create bespoke content your audience will love, helping drive traffic to your website and generating leads. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today on 0161 413 8418.