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Maintaining interest in your wellness business post-pandemic

Maintaining interest in your wellness business post-pandemic

From restoration retreats to home fitness to essential oils, consumers are constantly looking for ways to counter the anxiety that comes with their fast-paced lives. The pandemic forced consumers out of the places they retreat to for health, such as gyms and yoga studios. In lockdown, we were all forced to truly discover what it means to be “well”.

Many wellness businesses saw a surge in purchases, with some products growing over 1,000%. But as we slowly gain control over the pandemic and fall back into our normal routines, how will you maintain interest in your business post-pandemic?  


Wellness apps

Headspace, the biggest app for mindfulness and meditation, reached a whopping 65 million downloads in 2020, and is projected to grow to 100 million by 2022. It seems the only way is up for wellness apps, but how did they do it? Largely contributing to Headspace’s success is their huge multi-topic blog. 

Covering a wide range of topics such as birth, death, sports, and living allows Headspace to insert themselves as the knowledgeable experts they want consumers to see them as. With a sea of quality content, they can stand out amongst a sea of wellness apps and blogs.

This isn’t something unique to Headspace. Blogs have long been a fantastic way to show your knowledge in a subject area. They aren’t there to convert sales; they exist to show potential customers that you are a voice to be trusted. They’re a great place to impart knowledge and keep people coming back for more. The more they come back, the more exposure they have to your business.


Home fitness

The temporary closure of gyms sparked an increase in home workouts as many sought to maintain their fitness. Some just wanted to bring structure to their long furloughed days. With the pandemic changing our approach to many aspects of our lives, there’s no doubt that consumers’ approach to fitness will undergo some changes too, with 36% of women saying they’re now more willing to exercise from home. 

For those that want to give it a go, websites like YouTube are rife with free content. Similar to blogs, there’s much to be said for providing free advice and tips. YouTube videos, Instagram accounts, and other social media groups are great ways to build a community. If you can provide worthwhile advice that keeps people coming back, you can easily sell your main service as an extra to your videos. What’s important is you think about what differentiates your business. Why will people keep coming back to you?



UK CBD product sales are expected to hit £450m this year, a 50% increase from last year. Consumers are seeking remedies for their anxiety, poor sleep, and looking to boost their immune systems amidst the pandemic, with many turning to CBD. 

As CBD’s popularity continues to grow, it’s important for consumers to understand the benefits, find out what CBD products are best for them, and know where they can find relevant information to inform their purchase decisions. Sadly, only a mere 25% of CBD product users feel well-informed when buying CBD products. 

With 87% of consumers beginning their product searches online, it’s important for your business to occupy online spaces in interesting and relevant ways to target consumers and boost sales. With a gap in people’s knowledge, there’s space for someone to provide their expertise and provide them with the advice they need. This won’t be exclusive to CBD, either; that’s why it’s so crucial to show how much you know about a given subject.

As the wellness industry continues to grow, it’s important for your brand to stand out and become the go-to for consumers. Using a blog is the perfect way to assert yourself as an industry expert, providing your customers with knowledge relevant to them and creating a space for discussion for your customers to establish a sense of community and strengthen your brand in the process.

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