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How can you easily elevate your blog content?

How can you easily elevate your blog content?

A company blog is a part of creating a cohesive public image. They exist to make your business look as if they’re on the cutting-edge of the sector, head and shoulders above their peers. You might have one yourself, but there’s a difference between having a blog and having a blog that works.

It isn’t enough to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard); in such a hyper-competitive market, your blog has to be doing more than saying anything. It has to be saying something. That’s where it becomes a bit of a head-scratcher: how do you elevate your blog to that next level? Well, seeing as we’re content connoisseurs, here are some tips to help you make your blog something special.


Stats amazing

If you want your blog to have an impact, it has to be convincing. When you want to hammer home your point, it’s best to do it with statistics. It backs up your point and shows there are facts behind what you’re saying. For example, we could say there are a lot of blogs out there, making for some fierce competition for you. On its own, you might think, “yeah, I guess, but so what?”

But if we say there are 77.8 million new blogs posted every month on WordPress sites, and that WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, you would be more likely to believe that, indeed, there is a lot of competition out there.

Why are statistics so effective? It’s because they make it that much more real. It’s a stone-cold fact that can’t be denied and appeals to your emotional side. They’re persuasive as a result. If you do use stats in your blog, make sure to cite your source like we have above as it is a) good etiquette and b) useful for SEO purposes.


The power of persuasion

Speaking of being persuasive, the next way to elevate your content is to write in a way that draws people in and persuades them to your way of thinking. It’s hypnotic, compelling, and always effective. If you aren’t a passionate writer, this will come through in your blog. Readers will know when you aren’t into writing the blog, and if you aren’t into it, then they most definitely aren’t.

There are plenty of tricks you can use to craft a better reading experience. We’ve used some ourselves in this very blog. You could use emotive language (such as “cutting-edge” or “hyper-competitive”) to create a grandiose image. Or you could use alliteration to make your writing more fun (like with “content connoisseurs”). And an always-popular trick is to use the power of three – like we literally just did.

You want this to come through in your blog titles too. They need to grab attention immediately. One popular way of doing this is to use rhetorical questions in the header, drawing people in with the hopes of finding the answer.


Picture perfect

A picture says a thousand words. Or so they say. Of course, you can’t use a picture to replace your entire blog; it isn’t that easy. But pictures are a perfect way to complement your piece. It’s a fairly standard piece of advice and most blogs have an image. Do they have the right one though?

Some pictures are certainly better than others. You should find something that grabs attention immediately. Find something with bright colours if you can and with an immediately obvious focus of attention. This could be a person in the centre of the shot, or perhaps a building. When looking for the right picture, pay attention to composition factors like this.

Tying back into the point about statistics, you could also display your blog in a more visually interesting medium, such as an infographic. These are more likely to be shared, generating further interest. We made one ourselves for free in five minutes using Piktochart.

Making your blog stand out amongst the rest is a tough job, but not impossible. With some extra effort, you can elevate it to that next level. And if that feels like it’s going to take up too much of your time, there’s something you can do about that too…

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