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4 massive benefits of outsourcing your business blog

4 massive benefits of outsourcing your business blog

Would you pay £8 million for a comma? Unfortunately for one American logistics company, thanks to the lack of a single Oxford comma in their job contracts, drivers have won a lawsuit for over four years’ worth of overtime pay that the grammar faux pas determines they are entitled to.

In addition to internal literature, your websites, business blog, and social media content are often the initial point of contact between your organisation and potential new business.

A recent survey of 1,700 people concluded almost half of those questioned considered poor grammar unprofessional and off-putting. Misspelt words and messy grammar not only slow the reader but can also be incredibly distracting. When first impressions matter, is terrible grammar worth the cost of new business opportunities?

When used correctly, with the whole world engaged in smartphone technology and clients now a click away, the written form can be one of the greatest tools for a business to carry in its arsenal. The most powerful method: business blogs.


Your business blog

A business blog is one of the easiest ways to promote your business and can save you money too. Not only do you set yourself as a thought leader in your market, but you can also direct traffic to your website, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. But sometimes you can’t do it yourself. Maybe you don’t have the time, skill, or staff. So what options do you have?

We’ve compiled for you four massive benefits of outsourcing your content.


Quality content

When outsourcing your written content, you can look forward to extensively researched and polished articles that your brand can be proud of. Having an outsourced team will give you confidence in the spelling, grammar, and flow of the articles that you distribute.

Content writers are great storytellers and excel at expressing your point clearly and concisely. In addition, a decent writer will understand the most advantageous strategies to advance your business in the digital age. Your writer will not only help you create engaging writing but will also help you create SEO-optimised web content that Google will recognise and prioritise.


Save time

One of your team members may have a way with words already. While you might have the talent, do you have the time to produce your articles internally? Taking into consideration the extensive time it takes to research, draft, integrate keywords, write, edit, read it back, edit again, and publish. Could you and your team be best spending time elsewhere within the organisation?

Instead, a better way to have your blog consist of your company voice is to have your team suggest topics and let someone else take on the time-consuming tasks. This way you can tackle two birds with one stone: having a professional take care of your writing and freeing up your employees to work on other projects.


Save money

Employing a full-time writer has the added baggage of paying a salary, sick pay, employee benefits, taxes, as well as taking up the internal space. Most businesses will produce an article every couple of days in the early days and then transition to a frequency of no less than once a week. For the rest of the month, that employee will be sat idle. In comparison, the costs associated with a freelancer are minimal. In addition to bypassing expensive overheads, you also have more flexibility when it comes to seasonal work and ad-hoc projects.


Create a professional brand you can be proud of

Excellent writing is concise, compelling, and engaging.

Professional writing services will understand how to write in a precise tone and voice that best represents your business. Your executives may have unparalleled expertise and industry knowledge, but sadly this does not mean that they can write great copy. Writers excel at provoking emotional responses from your readers, turning fact into actions.

Not everyone can do everything. Writing is an acquired skill; it is learned and developed over time. A task best left to the professionals.

As you’d have marketers for your marketing, sales staff to hit your targets, and an IT team to combat the technical dramas, it’s a smart idea to partner with experts in their field who will work behind the scenes and help you create content for your business; allowing you to you skip the strain, expenditure, and time investment of doing it yourself.

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