Case Study 01.


Case Study 01.


Diversifying revenue and building awareness for an entrepreneur in the wellness space.

Services provided:

  • Transforming podcast episodes into standalone articles
  • A number of online course scripts
  • Ad-hoc articles for magazines and other publications
  • Ongoing blog series for collaboration with skincare brand

Client background:

This entrepreneur, author, and podcast host was looking for ways to further their momentum after publishing their first book. We were tasked with producing content to diversify their revenue, increase brand awareness, and continue adding value to their well-established network.

Campaign overview:

Wanting to maximise momentum around this exciting time, our team was first tasked with producing the scripts for an online course to accompany the book’s release. By offering fans a fresh new way to engage and connect with this client and their insight, we were able to build greater brand awareness and trust. The personal, intimate nature of online courses also helped them connect with their fans on a deeper level.

Throughout our ongoing relationship, we’ve also been responsible for writing blogs and articles for a number of magazines and publications. Offering a quick turnaround, and confidently reflecting this client’s unique tone of voice and personality, we’ve been a reliable source of overflow support over the past years.

This client also returned to us for a second online course. Through our work, we’ve been able to assist them in building a more connected, engaged network, uncovering new ways to add value to their followers, and furthering their brand in a way they previously thought only they could do.

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