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3 ways to take your pitch deck from good to great
pitch deck

3 ways to take your pitch deck from good to great

pitch deck

Your pitch deck holds the key to the future of your business. To get your idea off the ground, you need funding. But to secure funding, you have to convince investors you’ve got a viable, profitable idea. All that’s between you and that investment is a mere 10-20 slides.

While there are plenty of ways to approach a pitch deck, there’s some advice that will always ring true. No matter your idea, experience, or industry. So let’s dive into our top three tips to strengthen your pitch deck and ensure it always lands for investors.


Focus on the problem – AND the solution 

Business owners have a tendency to over-complicate pitch decks. They think they need to share anything and everything about their brand. But the truth is that pitch decks are actually pretty simple.

At its most basic level, your pitch deck should outline a problem in your target market. You want to demonstrate a thorough understanding of their pain points. As well as explaining why this is a problem that needs to be solved and why now is the perfect time to solve it. 

Then, you want to position your product or service as the perfect solution. Why you? Why is your product or service better suited to address this problem than any other brand out there? What are you doing differently?

While sales projections, industry partnerships, and a “meet the team” slide can all add value to your deck, they shouldn’t be the priority. Especially in the early stages, investors are mainly looking for product-market fit. They want to know there’s strong demand and a keen audience for your brand before they invest. So the earlier you can lay out your market’s problem and your solution, the better. And the more powerful storytelling you can inject, the more emotionally connected potential investors will feel to your brand.


Keep it short

Did you know that investors only fund around one out of every 400 pitches they receive? Or that, as of 2021, the time investors spend reading a deck has dropped to 2.7 minutes? When it comes to piquing investor interest, time isn’t on your side.

The key for writing a good pitch deck is the same as any other form of content: writing for your audience. In this case, your audience are time-poor investors. If your deck contains too many slides, or each slide rambles on aimlessly, they’re just going to stop reading.

Investors want businesses who are super clear on what they have to offer. They want to be able to scan through your deck and come away with all the key information quickly. By keeping it concise, not only will you demonstrate a strong vision of your brand’s future, but you’ll also be respecting their time.

When it comes to your sentences, slides, and entire deck, remember that less is more. If information isn’t directly relevant to an investor, leave it out. Now isn’t the time to show off all your industry knowledge and facts. Especially in the early stages of your business where you don’t have much data to share.


Adapt as you go

The business world moves fast. In a matter of months, entire markets can shift and priorities can change. Over the years, your business will inevitably evolve. And it’s important your pitch deck evolves too. Consider it a living document that grows as you do. 

Meeting with investors will be invaluable for improving your pitch deck over time. You’ll hear directly from them what they want and expect. You’ll be asked questions that will highlight areas where you’re not being clear. And as you grow more confident and established, you’ll be able to distil your message in even fewer words.

Your pitch deck is a big deal – it stands between you and a thriving business. But writing a great one isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems. Just remember to highlight the problem you solve and the solution you provide, respect your reader’s time, and learn as you go.

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