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3 tips for better marketing and sales alignment

3 tips for better marketing and sales alignment

It’s no secret that businesses perform better when everyone is on the same page. Yet 1 in 4 companies say their sales and marketing teams are either “misaligned” or “rarely aligned”. This could be costing your business potentially 10% of its revenue

If you take one thing from this blog, let it be this: marketing and sales are stronger together. By uniting the two, you’ll see your sales cycle shorten and conversions increase. You’ll be able to offer a far more cohesive, positive experience for all customers.

But what does this look like in practice?


Supplement each stage of your sales cycle with content 

A marketer’s job is so much more than warming up leads for the sales team. Every single stage of your sales cycle could be improved with content. What marketing collateral can you create that’s professional, consistent, and boosts credibility? Is it case studies your sales team can share? A customisable pitch deck or presentation they can send over in between meetings?

Also, when it comes to cold leads that sales might put on the backburner, how can marketing pick up the slack? You could leave them to get even colder and explore the competition. Or newsletters, email campaigns, and downloadable resources could keep them ticking over towards a sale. The choice is yours. 

The goal is to have resources at your disposal that gently push potential customers through the cycle. From initial awareness to signing a contract or making a purchase, evergreen, value-adding content will keep you on the front foot.


Look at every moving part

It’s all well and good creating engaging content that positions your brand as an authority and brings new leads through the door. But what if none of those leads end up going anywhere? To get the marketing and sales alignment right, you need to acknowledge all the gaps in your business’s communication. Those seemingly insignificant touchpoints that might be causing your conversion rates to drop.

How do your sales people approach their messages or emails? Are they bombarding people with a wall of text they’re never going to read? Or are they doing the opposite by sending a short message that looks cold and disinterested? When setting up calls, are they doing so assertively? Or are they playing email tennis and exposing more opportunities for prospects to drop out?

This extends to their pitching as well. While much of it may be verbal, you can’t underestimate the presentation that accompanies it. There could be too much writing. It could be littered with errors that send the wrong message to potential clients. And – despite it being a sales pitch – it might spend too long talking about your business instead of theirs and their pain points.

Breaking each stage of your sales cycle down in this way allows you to notice the subtle areas of communication that could be strengthened. Even if your conversions are great as it is, there will always be places you can improve your numbers.


Create feedback loops

By sharing feedback and insight, sales and marketing teams make each other’s lives so much easier. Marketing knows which content lands and sees the greatest engagement. And from here, sales can identify the materials that will supplement their sales cycle best. 

Meanwhile, sales captures invaluable insight into customer pain points. Sharing these allows marketing to produce targeted content to address these common concerns. They can work to overcome sales objections before the prospect even realises they exist. This can then inform your content strategy and sales cycle, ensuring both are landing well for that specific prospect type. 

Your sales and marketing teams are working towards the same goals: increasing revenue and growing your business. By improving communication and collaboration between the two, you can unlock so much extra value across your business. 

At Coster Content, we help you identify the gaps in your content and communication. Helping to bring your marketing and sales onto the same page, we craft engaging, effective copy that attracts leads and keeps them invested. Or we can offer training to internal staff and tighten up each stage of your sales cycle. To find out more, contact us on 0161 413 8418.